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Outsourcing and Screening of Personnel in El Salvador

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GOLD SERVICE, has a special interest its clients have capable, responsible and efficient Human Resource availability.

That’s why GOLD SERVICE has established an exclusive professional alliance with the company MERCADEO CORPORATIVO EMPRESARIAL, which has excellent credentials and experience in this area.

MERCADEO CORPORATIVO EMPRESARIAL has a modern and professional recruitment, evaluation and personnel preselection at executive, average control and management personnel for different kind of companies; the procedure to recruit personnel is the following one:

1. The applicant company provides a profile of the post and the candidate with the respective specifications.
2. Recruitment through our database, newspapers’ notices and professional contacts web.
3. Psychological Test: The most modern and specific European techniques are applied for different labor and hierarchic fields:
a) Over 30 psychometric tests in order to evaluate the intellectual(professional) and learning capability of the candidate, his/her abilities, personality characteristics, temperament and character.
b) Tests are up dated and validated according to the Salvadorian environment.
c) Uncommon tests, this guarantees higher trustworthiness degree in the results, since sometimes candidates know the tests used by other companies regarding preselection processes.

4. Technical evaluation (field tests)
5. Verification of labor and personal references.
6. Psychological and technical report for the applicant company.
7. Candidates’ short list determination.
8. Polygraph test (if requested by the applicant company)
9. Candidate’s short list presentation to the applicant company for its selection.


MERCADEO CORPORATIVO EMPRESARIAL designs politics and procedures according to applicant’s company philosophy, aiming the generation of a quality’s culture. In order to evaluate practical and effectively to the personnel, we provide advisory and definition of strategies in order to surpass deficient areas.

Eligible personnel for the evaluation: Executive, professional and technical-administrative and operative.

We provide psychological evaluations at your company, bringing our enabled personnel into your office.


• Our solid and verified experience in the preselection and personnel hiring, and outsourcing, let us offer a higher quality level comparing to the usually offered by other companies.
• MERCADEO CORPORATIVO EMPRESARIAL has available personnel at every level, including marketing and sales areas, with a high qualification level, comparatively better to the one offered at the whole market.
• Wide databank in order to immediately supply the personnel that doesn’t fill applicant’s company expectations.
• Absorption by MERCADEO CORPORATIVO EMPRESARIAL, of company’ liabilities, eliminating labor litigations.
• Tributary assets, as hiring company has a fiscal shield that allows higher tax deductions.
• Full time supervision personnel, solely engaged with hiring company’s goals.
• Constant enabling to impulse personnel at the client’s attention area, as well as modern techniques in order to impulse your products.


75 Avenida Norte y 9ª Calle Poniente #537 Colonia Escalón, San Salvador, El Salvador
Teléfono (503)2264-1883, fax (503)2263-2923,