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Salvadoran Citizenship by Naturalization

Residence in El Salvador, Get Salvadoran Citizenship by Naturalization.

Foreigners who wish to obtain the Salvadoran Citizenship by Naturalization could apply, after complying with the requirements, specially regarding the time they have resided in el Salvador, which according to the Constitution of the Republic of El Salvador are the following:

For the citizens of Spain and those of Hispanic origin who have been residing legally in the country for a year.

For the foreigners of whichever origin who have been legally residing in the country for five years.

For the foreigners married to Salvadoran women or  foreigners married to Salvadoran men who have resided in the country for two years before or after the marriage;


  1. Two recent photographs ID size
  2. Original Birth Certificate,  legible and in good condition, duly authenticated by the Salvadoran Consulate or  by Apostille; besides, if the person is a citizen by naturalization, submit the original of the registration issued by the legal authority of the country which had granted the naturalization or by its Embassy if it is not registered in his/her immigration documents.
  3. Photocopy of the valid Residence carnet enlarged to 150%.
  4. Current Solvency from the Civil National Police of El Salvador.
  5. Police record of El Salvador.
  6. Certification of health issued by a Salvadoran physician duly authorized by the Board of  Vigilance of the Medical Profession which will ascertain that he/she does not have any infectious and contagious illness.  The Certification  is to be valid for three months since the date of its issuance
  7. Certification of original marriage certificate (if it is relevant).
  8. Photocopy of all the used pages of a valid passport.
  9. If the spouse is Salvadoran, submit a photocopy of his/her Unique Document of Identity (DUI).  If the spouse is a foreigner, submit a photocopy of his/her current residency carnet.
  10. Certification of the birth certificate of the spouse (if the spouse has the Salvadoran nationality).

The authorities of the General Office in charge of foreigners has the right to request additional documents to support the application.

Our honoraries are USD 1,300.00 to USD 2,000.00 . plus the established official fees required by the Authorities of the General Office in charge of foreigners.